Indecision-Moving from Undecided to a Focused Career Path

Mark Zambrano, Deckers Senior Facilities Manager

Mark Zambrano, Deckers Senior Facilities Manager

Devany Ambriz, Staff Writer

All year college students who are undecided about their major feel anxious and often find it challenging to settle on a career path. Many students struggle to identify a career that capitalizes on their talents and interests. Considering the numerous choices available, it can be tricky for students to choose the right path.

“Making a choice is very difficult, yet I know what I must do,” said Lisette Martinez, a freshman college student. “It is important to not rush and take things one step at a time before deciding, while I am still maintaining a balance between work and school.”

Becoming successful in today’s world requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. However, it can be difficult to determine which direction and path to take to reach success. When deciding on a career, it is important to evaluate the different opportunities available and determine which one best meets your goals and interests.

Mark Zambrano is Decker’s Senior Facilities Manager; he marched towards his dreams and now excels in his career. He gradually worked his way up in his organization and took on his aspirations step-by-step. Zambrano has some advice for students who have recently graduated high school and are wondering their future holds.

“Yes, it’s true, college isn’t for everyone, and there are many paths to success,” said Zambrano. “Some examples would be some people find success through apprenticeships, vocational training, or self-teaching. It’s important to evaluate the different opportunities and figure out which one best suits your goals.”

It is often the case that a parent or guardian may select a certain career path for their offspring without consideration for the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This can sometimes result in a career or path that does not suit the person, leading to feelings of disappointment and discontent. It is essential to remember that an individual’s success is contingent on their own effort and enthusiasm, not on the decisions of others.

“Despite not having chosen my major, I still attempted to pursue one, only to find it even more challenging. I was not mentally prepared to learn things I had no interest in. Now I have to begin again with a different major, but in the end, it was a learning experience,” said Aileen Ambriz, MVC Simulation and Gaming major.

“To incoming students, I would advise that they take some risks, but don’t drag them out for too long. I made the mistake of allowing things to continue too long and wasted too much of my time,” concluded Ambriz.