How Music Brings Us Joy, Plus Much More

There are many health benefits to music. An individual’s favorite songs can bring joy and energy when needed. Many experts and studies confirm the many benefits of music as well as the correlation between sound and happiness. 

As we enter the Christmas season, music helps punctuate the holiday and make it even more special. From the jingle bells to the cheerful piano, these classic sounds invoke joyfulness and feelings of nostalgia when heard. Music can be used as a tool to access emotions that otherwise would be impossible to reach.

“It’s a relaxation technique and a good coping skill”, says Lynette Sullivan, Mental Health Supervisor at Moreno Valley College. “Music releases endorphins in your brain and makes you feel calm and safe.”

Sounds we enjoy can be soothing in many ways. In fact there are neurological studies that indicate humans are programmed to react emotionally to music. One study conducted on five-month old infants, concluded that at that age babies already react positively to happy music. The same study also revealed that by nine-month old the same babies were affected by sad songs [source: How Stuff Works]. 

Other studies show music actually has the power to cause the body to react intensely, and these reactions only intensify as we grow. Ashim Osmani, a former band leader at Rancho Verde High School agrees. “I feel lost in time when I play music, I feel love, happiness and sadness, all in one,” he says. 

In addition to our emotions, music can also have a physical effect on our bodies as well. For example, sad music can cause the drop of our blood pressure and help release tears that can actually benefit us [source: How Stuff Works]. 

While the holidays can be a source of joy for many, for some the holidays aren’t always the most wonderful time of the year. If you find yourself feeling down, need a spark of energy, or simply want to relax, put on some of your favorite tunes and chances are your mood will almost instantly sky rocket.