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Brandon Jason Cabrera, Staff Writer

Black Student Success Week Was an Eventful Week With Much Importance 

Brandon .J. Cabrera, Staff Writer

April 26, 2024This Weekend MVC and other California community colleges held Black Student Success Week, which had daily events that promoted diversity and empowerment.

Black Student Success Week lasted from Monday April 22, through Friday, April 26 at MVC and other California Community colleges. Throughout the entire week many events and sessions were held for Black Student Success Week and was available for all students to attend.An important week for diversity and empowerment for African American students.

On Tuesday, April 23, The week was kicked off by a virtual event. Where guest speaker Foothill College Math Professor, Patrick Morriss gave a keynote address that addressed the issues that many students have with math. Morriss believes that teachers need to adjust and learn how to teach different students differently as not everyone learns math the same way. He does not believe that someone is not “smart enough” for math and that it can be a subject where anyone can have success in.

The keynote address by Professor Morriss was a great way to start the week as it tackled an issue that many students struggle with. Morriss offered some solutions that may make it easier for some students to become better at math or to improve their confidence in the subject.

On Wednesday, April 24, the event Conscious Expressions was held by facilitators Frankie Moore and Micki Grayson. The event focused a lot on poetry expression where students and alumni of MVC performed.

On Thursday, April 25, Two different virtual meetings were held that covered all the different types of neurodiversity at MVC. The second virtual event of the day discussed the advances of equity in colleges as MVC is trying to lower library and textbook costs.

On Friday, April 26, multiple events were held such as “Breakfast & Debunking the Grit Narrative in Higher Education,”  “Black Jeopardy,”

“Lunch and Jean Decay event,”and movie night with ASMVC and UMOJA. Each of these events  focus on the importance of black culture and how events such as these help promote and preserve black culture.

Black Student Success week was an amazing week for MVC and all the other community colleges across California and it is important that we encourage weeks such as this that promote empowerment and diversity across campus.

All content by Brandon Jason Cabrera
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