ChatGPT generates excitement at MVC amid concerns

Seth Haygood, Staff Writer

ChatGPT has been viewed and talked about as a threat to the education system but at MVC, it is being used as a resource above anything else.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI and has the ability to generate any type of text  in under a minute while using human-like language.

The MVC MakerSpace has been pushing the boundaries of ChatGPT with some fascinating projects.

Jason Kennedy, the MakerSpace Project Supervisor has seen ChatGPT being used in the MakerSpace and has found it to be very useful.

“A couple instances where we have used it or we’re currently using it is to help us with our equipment purchases (and) to help with a white paper swot (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats) analysis for different types of equipment,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also has a very interesting plan with ChatGPT that he’s currently working on. He has a plan to make a TikTok style video demonstrating what the MakerSpace is and how it operates. Director of the MakerSpace, Donnell Layne is using ChatGPT to create the script for that TikTok video.

Creativity is a great skill to utilize for a resource such as ChatGPT, and Layne shares his creative plans for the program.

“I would love to either use its Application Programming Interface (API) to work on building some type of assistant for various areas of society,” Donnell said. “One that is near and dear to my heart, of course is students. I think it can be a truly super powerful assistant for students if done in a right way.”

Layne continued to talk about why ChatGPT should be used in the future.

“It’s not one of these things that are going to exist in a bubble and if we don’t give our students access to it, it could potentially be a disservice to the future,” Donnell said. “If kids are using this at other colleges … and we’re not giving access to it and using it and training on it as well, then if we were behind the 8 ball before, that would only slow us down even more or create an additional gap.”

With all these great things about ChatGPT, there has to be some downsides. Immanuel Morris, a student employee at the MakerSpace, has seen some flaws within the program.

“I have seen flaws in specific coding. There’s been issues with logical processing, which lets me know there’s still an error component to it,” Immanuel said. “It’s not 100% foolproof and there absolutely needs to be a human element to verify the information is correct, so yes, I’ve absolutely seen it. The results have overall been great, but definitely some tweaking is needed.”

Overall, ChatGPT could be a great resource for students, but it needs some guidance and direction to maximize its potential.