Local Moreno Valley entrepreneur creates success by giving back to the city where he was raised


by Dylan Oudomsivilay

Ashim Osmani stands in front of his business, Corview Security

Dylan Oudomsivilay


Since 2017, Ashim Osmani has made a huge contribution to the economic environment of the Moreno Valley/Perris community. With his home focused business Corview, he provides protection, energy efficiency and pure tap water to local residents. Ashim does this through supplying solar panels, security systems and water softening systems. Through his business he allows his clients not only to feel safe and secure but to also save money.

“Ashim took the time and personalized our system to our needs, ” said Jessica Sanchez of Perris . “He ensured that we were comfortable with the service and gave his commitment to be there for us. His service is not only dependable, he makes you feel like family, he made our protection a priority.”

Solar seems to be the way of the future and for good reason. Many environmental impacts of solar panels include reducing our carbon footprint, water conservation, air pollution reduction and less reliance on fossil fuels. 

Another way Ashim helps the community economically is through employment. Initially a solo industrialist, Ashim now employs hundreds of workers of all ages and backgrounds. As a minority, he understands and emphasizes the importance of offering equal opportunities to all his employees.

“Growing up with very little has brought me to appreciate everything that comes my way and nothing feels better than having the opportunity to provide for others in moments I’ve once been in myself” said Ashim. “Whether it’s buying the flower lady’s flowers for her or tipping the corn man fifty bucks to show my appreciation for his hard work.”

Ashim went through grades seven to his senior year with both of his parents overseas in Bangladesh working to bring back a better life for their kids. In spite of the lack of parental support, he graduated from Rancho Verde High School and as one of the leaders in band and tennis, eventually Ashim went on to pursue Music and Physics at Cal Poly Pomona.

He took six classes a semester and worked fifty hours a week while in college. Most notably,  Ashim did all this while sleeping in his van at the time. He worked as a lead generator handing tickets at an Edwards movie theater in West Covina working long shifts, driving to campus and sleeping in his van then attending his classes right after. Ashim’s transition from the lead generation/management job to his successful business was a difficult and interesting journey.

“It actually started with one of the people that I hired, they found an ADT recruiting ad on craigslist and worked there for two weeks and already had some success. We talked about it for a bit and he insisted that I give it a try since I was a decent salesman”, Ashim said.  This one event sparked the beginning of Ashim’s empire.

Since that time Ashim’s security and home energy business has grown to a business which generates approximately $1 million in revenue each year. Ashim is very happy with his success and wants to continuing helping his neighbors feel and become more energy efficient.

“I am very ecstatic to have the opportunity to provide a service that helps everyday people, the environment and allows me to make an honest living, but I feel like I still have a lot to accomplish…this is just the start for me.”