New CalFresh Food Restrictions Will Effect Students Eligibility


Tykeya Davis, Staff Writer

 Time is running out for students to apply for food assistance with limited restrictions. Due to new restrictions going into effect on June 10, 2023 CalFresh will be more difficult for students to obtain. Applying for food assistance before June 10th should be one of students’ main priorities. 

CalFresh, also referred to as EBT, is a program that provides food assistance to low-income people. According to CalFresh Food “Beginning June 10, 2023, temporary exemptions will no longer apply to college students who are newly applying for CalFresh.” These new rules will restrict work study students from gaining accessibility to food assistance. The new rules also target students who have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of zero dollars. With rules like these going into play it’s going to affect college students who need and rely on assistance. 

With new restrictions on food assistance coming into effect students should be eager to apply before the deadline. If students apply before the deadline students could receive food assistance for up to a year without the restrictions.

Angie Gordon,  MVC’s  supervisor of Monty’s Market and supervisor of basic needs and wellness says students will be impacted financially. “If you don’t have access to food and sustainable types of foods it makes it difficult for you to be able to study and focus,” said Gordon. Gordon encourages students now more than ever to come by Monty’s Market. Monty’s Market is a food service program that helps provide MVC students with basic needs and services. Students are allowed to come once every two weeks to shop for groceries and are allowed to come every day to receive a meal or a snack. Monty’s Market is open to all currently enrolled MVC students Monday through Friday. “Even with this impact and this change in the regulations students can still know that at least they can still get one meal a day,” said Gordon.

 The CalFresh rules and regulations can often discourage students, letting fear of denial persuade them from applying.  Mina Cole, a former eligibility technician through CalFresh advises students not to be afraid of applying for assistance.  “If you don’t qualify today you can always qualify tomorrow or down the line. If you don’t qualify you can always ask your caseworker what small changes you are able to make to qualify,” said Cole. She also encourages students to apply as often as things change in their household.


To help encourage students to apply for Cal Fresh here are five friendly tips that students should consider when completing the CalFresh application:
  1. Don’t be afraid of reaching out to your caseworker. Caseworkers have an insane amount of cases that they have to work, so they might not always remember to update you on your case. Reach out to them and ask for updates.
  2. Always ask what the students’ exemptions are. Certain exemptions can allow a student to gain food assistance.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the more you inform yourself the better it benefits you.
  3. Don’t be intimidated by your caseworker, they are there to help you. The more they know about your situation the better they can assist you.
  4. This one you should know by now. Apply before June 10th to gain access to food assistance with limited restrictions.
  5. Don’t let fear or new rules stop you from obtaining food assistance. Go to your local county office or go to, you can even call the Cal fresh line at 1-877-847-3663 to apply now.