MVC’s Coudures Plaza Undergoing Construction to Install Canopy


Jorge Guarneros, Staff Writer

If you’re curious about what’s going within the green gate surrounding the main campus, construction has begun to add a canopy in Coudures Plaza.

The addition of the canopy in Coudures Plaza is meant to add extra shade, along with extra space for activities in the plaza. The plaza has been without shade for years, so it raises the question whether or not the new addition is necessary.

 The current construction has caused some minor inconveniences, as the MVC website states “The plaza provides access to nearly all of MVC’s buildings.” As a result, students must alter their usual routes to their classes, as well as find new areas where they can study or hangout. Despite the minor disruption, some students are excited about the change, and believe they’re worth the inconveniences.

 According to David Gutierrez, a current student at MVC,  the canopy will be worthwhile as it’ll provide covering for students who enjoy spending their time outdoors.

Due to the exposed sunlight, many students prefer to study indoors as the sun can be intense at times. With the canopy, students will now have more options to congregate and maximize their free time.

The installation will also make it easier for activities or events to be held on the main campus. Until now, most MVC clubs and organizations had to set up temporary canopies along the outside of the plaza to hold certain events. Now, they no longer have to do the extra work to provide shelter for students working as well as those attending the events.

Professor Frankie L. Moore, Coordinator of Student Activities, said “The shade canopy being installed in the middle of the campus will allow Student Activities/ASMVC to host events in the center of the campus visibly for all perspective attendees to see.”

Campus events will now be accessible from all around the plaza, rather than being confined to the front of the bookstore or Lion’s Den Cafe. When events are held in front of these two facilities, on the outskirts of the plaza, they can be obstructed from students view and many tend to walk by without noticing them. Now that events will be held under the canopy area in the middle of campus, students will likely take more of interest as they’ll pass directly through the area on their way to class.

With summer just around the corner, the canopy’s installation couldn’t have come at a better time for MVC. It’s likely in the coming months students will come to understand its value and will definitely begin utilizing it. Once it’s open and provides refuge from the sun, there will be no doubt about the canopy’s worth.